Reimagining Racist Systems: Our Lived Experiences with Racism and Discrimination in Child Welfare

By Family Voices United

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2020 has not only been defined by a global struggle against COVID-19 and the public health implications that followed, but a national reckoning around racial injustice in the United States and the institutional racism that is pervasive in all of our systems — including child welfare.

Listen as Corey Best, Sarah Smalls, and Aliyah Zein share their lived experiences with racism and discrimination in the child welfare system. In this most recent podcast from Family Voices United, they also articulate their vision of an equitable, anti-racist system that supports and strengthens all children and families.

Corey Best is a Birth Parent National Network Member from District of Columbia.

Sarah Smalls is a GRAND Voices Network Member from North Virginia.

Aliyah Zein is a FosterClub Youth Advocate from Louisiana.

Family Voices United is a joint undertaking by Casey Family Programs, FosterClub, Generations United, and The Children’s Trust Fund Alliance to elevate the voices and experiences of parents, relative caregivers and young people, transforming systems to support children and families to thrive. Learn more at

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Young people + parents + relative caregivers working together to elevate voices of those with firsthand experience = change in the child welfare system

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