Lessons Learned from Times of Crisis: The Importance of Self Care

By Family Voices United

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The social isolation brought about by the COVID-19 crisis has been one of the most underrated challenges of the pandemic thus far. During a time when many feel more alone than ever before, being intentional about self-care is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves to make it through this difficult time.

Listen as Family Voices United members share self-care lessons and practices. Learn how constituents are talking, surviving, prioritizing self-care, and supporting each other during a crisis. Click here to listen!

Family Voices United is a joint undertaking by Casey Family Programs, FosterClub, Generations United, and The Children’s Trust Fund Alliance to elevate the voices and experiences of parents, relative caregivers and young people, transforming systems to support children and families to thrive. Learn more at https://familyvoicesunited.org/

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Young people + parents + relative caregivers working together to elevate voices of those with firsthand experience = change in the child welfare system

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